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Charles Fairchild

Charles Fairchild is a Lecturer in the Music Department at the University of Sydney. His main research interests concern cultural intermediaries in various areas of the popular music industry. His published work includes analyses of community and commerical radio in Canada, the United States and Australia.

John Fairley

John Fairley is a Sr. Interaction Architect at Blast Radius
Inc. He has helped shape the user experiences for AOL
Search and Shopping, as well as other top brands such as
Electronic Arts. In his spare time John explores the world
through his camera.


Rebecca Farley

Rebecca Farley is currently writing her Ph.D. dissertation in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University. Fortunately Rebecca's topic is "Play", which is far more fun than any Ph.D. has a right to be.

Brett Farmer

Brett Farmer is Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Spectacular Passions: Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships (Duke University Press, 2000), and numerous essays in the areas of cultural, film and queer studies. He is currently writing a new book on gay diva worship.

Emma Felton

Emma Felton's PhD research is in the area of: Cities and new forms of citizenship that the contemporary city offers women. She has a background as a Media and Cultural Studies academic, and is currently On-line Education Coordinator at Australian Catholic University.

Debra Ferreday

Debra Ferreday is a lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Lancaster University. She has published on gender identity, feminist cultural theory, new media, popular culture and online identities, and is a founder member of the Feminist Media Studies Research Group at Lancaster. She is currently working on a book which will explore the ways in which multiple forms of femininity are constructed, performed and experienced.


Liz Ferrier

Dr. Liz Ferrier is a lecturer at the Business School at the University of Queensland, where she researches, teaches and supervises graduate students in advertising, media and cultural studies. Her research interests include Australian film and television, audience measurement, and online communities and cultures (independent and grassroots creative content production, and online content creation). She is involved in research projects relating to ACRO, the Australian Creative Resources Online, a ‘creative commons’ affiliated archive of materials, unused or ‘waste’ content, from various media production contexts, available for repurposing.

José dos Santos Cabral Filho

Who, in fact, is José Cabral? He is a quasi-fictional character that has been built since 1958, based in concepts borrowed from Freud, Marx, Lacan, Bataille and the like. In this current game/life he has moved up a few levels, from a shoe shiner in the streets of his Brazilian hometown to an architect with a British Ph.D.. As a shy cultural terrorist he is a co-founder of the IBPA (Brazilian Institute of Performance Architecture), and he is currently morphed into a vice-director of a School of Architecture at one of the Brazilian Federal Universities. In his spare time he writes electric poetry and is developing a computer game to empower clients so they can avoid architects' tyranny. Some of his works can be seen at


Mark Finn

Mark Finn is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Media and Journalism at QUT with research interests in most forms of new media. Since completing his Ph.D. early this year, Mark has had much more time to devote to his ongoing personal research into the effects of video games on former Ph.D. students, with particularly heavy research into Formula One Grand Prix 2on the PC and Medal of Honoron the Playstation. His ultimate ambition is to escape the seemingly endless cycle of academic short-term contract work, and to find the perfect braking point heading into Mirabeau in Monaco.

Julie Firth

Julie Firth is a video installation artist, photographer and film-maker. She shares her time between Auckland, New Zealand (where she is Head of Department of Photography, Film and Video at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design), Washington DC and New York City (where she currently resides). Her visual artwork has been exhibited to wide acclaim internationally, and recently compared to that of David Lynch by a reviewer for the New York Times. Her artwork is recognised for its surrealist aesthetic and its evocative dream-like atmosphere, employing a highly charged symbolic language. Her recent works have included the video installation exhibition Stain and the short film Fall from Grace.

Josie Fisher

Josie Fisher is a senior lecturer in the New England Business School at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia. Her teaching and research focuses on applied ethics, social responsibility and gender issues.

Gordon Fletcher

Gordon Fletcher is a lecturer in the Information Systems Institute at the University of Salford, UK. He intimidates students with Java programming and object orientation. These duties somewhat unexpectedly link to Gordon’s research interests which include the broad social and cultural meanings of search engine terms and search engine usage, the relationship of the Internet to everyday life and the role of conflict within online communities. Gordon has recently submitted his PhD thesis.

Bernadette Flynn

Bernadette Flynn is a lecturer in screen production in the School of Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Griffith University. Her background is in video production from the reel-to-reel days and more recently multimedia. She is currently undertaking research on adventure games and developing a mythologically based game set in Neolithic Malta.

Jib Fowles

Jib Fowles, Ph.D., is professor of communication at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. His seven books include, most recently, The Case for Television Violenceand Advertising and Popular Culture. The author of over 60 articles, his work has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, TV Guide, Advertising Age, and many scholarly journals.

John Fraim

John Fraim is President of The GreatHouse Company. Located in northern California's wine district of Sonoma County, GreatHouse is a research, consulting and publishing firm in the area of symbolism and popular culture. Before starting GreatHouse, he worked in a number of business management positions. He was Staff Analyst with Chevron USA (San Francisco), President of Pacific Marketing Strategies, a marketing consulting firm with offices in Berkeley and Los Angeles, and Marketing Manager for AcuSport Corporation in Ohio. He has a BA in History (Cum Laude) from UCLA and a JD from Loyola Law School (Los Angeles). His book Spirit Catcherwon the 1997 Small Press Award. His forthcoming books are Symbolism of Place: The Hidden Context of Communicationand The Symbolism of Popular Culture: Dynamics of Leading Brands, Products and Entertainment Genres. His articles have appeared in a wide range of publications such as The Marketing Journal(official publication of the American Marketing Association), Sonoma Businessand Psychological Perspectives. He is a member of Publishers Marketing Association and the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Mark Frankland

Mark Frankland is the research officer for the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations. He has recently completed his PhD "Australian Television as Communications Space, Programming Space and Public Space" and has previously been a national research and publications officer for the AMWU (Technical and Supervisory Division). Mark has also made no-budget documentaries for various community groups. His research interests segue between media spaces, knowledge, public spheres, education policy and media/communications policy.

Vikki Fraser

Vikki Fraser is doing a Ph.D. at the Queensland University of Technology on food, narrative and ethics. This means that she is desperately trying to combine her two passions -- eating and reading -- with something a lot more respectable sounding (but not as much fun).

Hélène Frichot

Hélène Frichot is a doctoral candidate in the department of philosophy at the University of Sydney and is currently undertaking research in Paris toward the completion of her thesis. She also teaches architectural design and theory at RMIT and the University of Melbourne.

Damien Frost

Damien Frost is the designer of the ezine Object Not Found, a rally car racer, and occasional painter.


Glen Fuller

Glen Fuller sometimes works as a freelance journalist and cultural consultant on films as he currently finishes his Ph.D. “Modified: Cars and Culture” at the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.

Sinead Furey

Sinead Furey is a postgraduate research student within the Consumer Studies Division of the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Heather McIlveen and Christopher Strugnell are academic staff within the Consumer Studies Division. The authors acknowledge the funding support of the Department of Education for Northern Ireland for their research project.

Ioana Furnica

Ioana Furnica is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto. Her major areas of interest are: literature and religion, aesthetics, intermediality, fictional world theories, and twentieth century fiction and film. She is currently working on a dissertation entitled Towards an Aesthetic of the Interval: Angels in Twentieth Century Fiction and Film.