Contributors - G

Danielle Gallegos

Danielle is a Ph.D. candidate at Murdoch University with a background in nutrition and dietetics. Her particular research interest is in globalisation, ethnicity, nutrition and food fashion. She is the co-author of A World of FoodVolumes 1 and 2.


Jennifer M. Gamble

Jennifer is a designer, artist, and researcher/writer in the context of architecture and is currently working in the area of creativity and concept development as they relate to spatialised thinking. Her current PhD research develops the theoretical stream advanced in an earlier doctoral dissertation that used psychoanalytic theory to investigate the manner in which public memorial space plays a part in the aesthetic negotiation of personal and communal grief and trauma. A dominant interest in the architectures of research and the research of architectures has led to an interdisciplinary approach that spans the domains of education, science, architecture and the arts reflecting her academic background and professional pursuits.

Dawn L. Garbett

Dawn Garbett is a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland. She lectures in teacher education (science education) for early childhood, primary and secondary students. Her current research interests are in collaborative assessment, peer teaching and self-study of teacher education pedagogy. Writing collaboratively with Belinda Tynan has been a most rewarding professional and personal journey.

Rob Garbutt

Rob Garbutt is a PhD candidate at Southern Cross University. Being “a local” researching being “a local” in his home-town has steered him towards a mixed methodology based on researching historical traces of race, representations of the local in print media and reflection-on-practice. The aim is to think towards the first steps of an “ethics of location” in postcolonial Australia.

Paula Gardner

Paula Gardner is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts and a member of "RxID", the Psychopharmaceutical and Identity Research Group located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts.

Petra Gemeinboeck

Petra Gemeinboeck is an architect and interactive media artist, born in Vienna, Austria. In her virtual environments Petra explores the issues of presence and identity formation in relation to computer controlled systems. Petra is lecturer in Media Practice and Theory at the University of Sussex and has a university teaching position for 'Reactive Architecture' at the Vienna University of Technology.

Irina Gendelman

Irina Gendelman is a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her research focuses on Urban Communication. For her M.A. thesis she studied discourses about graffiti in public spaces. She is currently co-directing the Urban Archives, a digital database of urban texts. In her dissertation, she employs the growing database to study the role of materiality in urban communication. Namely, she is studying the way that the notion of “heritage” is constructed through material artifacts in public spaces, as well as discursively. She is also the founder of CROW, a community art organization, through which she facilitates community art projects.

Wes George

Wes George is an artist and writer who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia and La Grange, Texas (USA).

Paula Geyh

Paula Geyh is an assistant professor of English at Yeshiva University in New York City. She is an editor of Postmodern American Fiction: A Norton Anthology and recently co-edited a special issue of Postmodern Culture on Jacques Derrida. She is currently working on a book entitled The New Metropolis: The Urban Spaces and Urban Subjects of Postmodernity.

Anna Gibbs

Associate Professor Anna Gibbs teaches Writing in the School of Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney. She is currently engaged on a major research project with Virginia Nightingale, investigating young people’s affective responses to what they identify as disturbing images. She has also worked clinically with affect theory, and her other current research is on affect and mimesis.

Garry Gillard

Garry Gillard teaches in various Communication and Cultural Studies areas at Murdoch University, of which he has a rather spurious claim to be the first graduate. His interests in earlier and parallel lives have included African Literature, Distance Education and English folk music.

James Gillett

James Gillett recently completed his Ph.D. at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). His dissertation is titled "Informed Survival: Media Activism among People with HIV/AIDS." He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at McMaster. James's research interests include the social aspects of HIV/AIDS, lay perspectives, and media activism.

Phillip Glenn

Phillip Glenn (Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin) is the author of Laughter in Interaction (Cambridge University Press, 2003) and co-editor of Studies in Language and Social Interaction (Erlbaum, 2003). His research and teaching interests concern interpersonal communication in both casual and institutional settings. Specific topics have included laughter, processes in task groups, and negotiation. Currently he is investigating interactional phenomena within employment interviews. He can be reached at the Department of Organizational and Political Communication, Emerson College, Boston, MA, USA.

Andrew Goffey

Andrew Goffey is Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communications at Middlesex University, London. He is currently researching a book on biopolitics, looking in particular at the implicit ontology of power in the life sciences. He completed a PhD on Gilles Deleuze and writes about contemporary philosophy and the relations between philosophy, science and culture.

Gerard Goggin

Gerard Goggin is an ARC Australian Research Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney. He is the author of Cell Phone Culture: Mobile Technologies in Everyday Life (Routledge, 2006) and the editor of Virtual Nation: The Internet in Australia (UNSW Press, 2004).

Kathryn Goldie

Kathryn Goldie completed her MA at the University of Queensland in 1998, and her dissertation was on representations of gender and sexuality in the popular television show Gladiators. She then spent three months backpacking through Eastern Europe, sustained by occasional doses of Polish, Hungarian and Austrian television. Since returning to Brisbane, she has embarked on a career in project management. Her research interests include reality tv, game shows, sport, Holocaust literature and popular magazines.

Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is an assistant professor of literature at the New York Institute of Technology. He is writing a book on modern celebrity culture and modernist literature's cult of the author.

Andrew Gorman-Murray

Andrew Gorman-Murray is a Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong. His research interests include the cultural politics of home and practices of homemaking, especially with regard to sexuality and gender. His recently completed Ph.D. (Macquarie University), Queering Home, Domesticating Deviance: Geographies of Sexuality and Home in Australia, investigated the homemaking practices of gay/lesbian Australians, exploring two interrelated themes: (1) how gay men and lesbians design, make and use their homes in ways which challenge heterosexual norms and affirm sexual difference; and (2) how these gay/lesbian homemaking practices ‘queer’ the idea and space of ‘home’. Andrew is currently working on projects about gay/lesbian belonging and homemaking across inner-city, suburban and rural Australia. He is also developing a research agenda to investigate the changing relationships between masculinity and the home in contemporary society. He has published in Social and Cultural Geography, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Home Cultures, Australian Geographer, Housing, Theory and Society, and Gender, Place and Culture.


Andrew Grainger

Andrew Grainger is a PhD student in the Department of Kinesiology's Sport Commerce and Culture Program at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. His research interests focus on how the global commercialisation of sporting practices and forms is reshaping traditional notions of personal and collective identity.


Tom Graves

Tom Graves is a Principal Consultant at the management consultancy Soul Dynamics, and holds a M.A. from London's Royal College of Art and a Grad.Cert. in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University. Credited as one of the pioneers of desktop publishing, his primary interest is the integration of knowledge management and business practice, and the implications of intellectual property in everyday life.


Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a Research Associate with the Institute of Creative Industries and Innovation, QUT. His doctoral thesis investigating the status of teen dramas on Australian television is currently under examination. Research-wise, Joshua is interested in the nature of Australian television, especially branding and promotional material, new modes of content delivery and the impact of digital technologies on television.

Kerry Green

Professor Kerry Green’s research interests include investigative journalism, computer-assisted and multimedia journalism, and news media organisation and management. He is currently leading an Australian Research Council grant looking at trauma in the newsroom. Before moving into academia Prof. Green gained more than 20 years experience as a journalist where he worked as editor of the daily The Queensland Times and deputy editor of both The Cairns Post and Brisbane’s evening daily The Telegraph.

Lelia Green

Lelia Green is Professor of Communications in the Faculty of Education and Arts at ECU. Along with Professor Mark Balnaves, Lelia is a Chief Investigator on the research project that informs this paper.

Kate Greenwood

Kate Greenwood is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. She is currently researching ideology in popular American film. She doesn't like to fight.

Melissa Gregg

Melissa Gregg is an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland. She is the author of Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices (Palgrave 2006) and is currently studying the impact of new media technologies on work and home life.


Kimberly Gregson

Kimberly Gregson has a Ph.D. from Indiana University-Bloomington in Mass Communication. She teaches research methods, media planning, and assorted classes on videogames and virtual worlds in the television-radio department at Ithaca College in the United States. She has published and presented at conferences on horror movies, advertising games, anime related websites, and SecondLife (a virtual world). Her research interests have been focusing on videogames and virtual worlds; she’s developing two islands in Second Life for her school.


Carmen Guinery

Carmen Guinery is in her final school year at Perth College, a girls’ school in Western Australia. Her future plans are still taking shape but they include six months in Germany, time at University, and continued participation in Harry Potter fandom. She maintains an active dead journal under a pseudonym.

John Gunders

John Gunders is a Ph.D. student at the University of Queensland, where he is looking at the portrayal of food in filmic and other cultural texts. He is hoping to have time to do some work on his thesis sometime soon.

Lisa Gunders

Lisa Gunders is a postgraduate student within the English Department at the University of Queensland. Her thesis will involve a critical analysis of the discourses surrounding welfare in contemporary Australian politics. Her other interests include education, television, news media and just about anything else that transmits dominant ideologies. Her friends suspect that she just likes to criticise things.