Contributors - I

Yasmin Ibrahim

Yasmin Ibrahim is a Senior Lecturer in the division of Information and Media Studies at the University of Brighton where she lectures in globalisation and the media and political communication. Her main research interests include the use of the Internet for empowerment and political communication in repressed polities and diasporic communities, global governance and the development of alternative media theories in non-Western contexts.

Valerie Ingham

Valerie Ingham joined Charles Sturt University in 2005 where she teaches in Emergency Management, after five years with the University of Western Sydney. Her research interests include somatic and aesthetic awareness in time-pressured decision making and the tertiary education of Emergency Managers.

Melissa Iocco

Melissa Iocco is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide in the departments of English and Gender Studies. Her doctoral thesis examines issues of masculinity, perversity and late-capitalism in contemporary films. Her academic interests include masculinity, transgression and perversity in film, literature and popular culture. Melissa is also interested in intersections between critical theory with popular and unpopular culture, particularly from feminist, psychoanalytic, postmodern and cultural studies perspectives.

Ben Isakhan

Ben Isakhan holds a degree in Psychology and a First Class Honours in Literature and Cultural Studies. He is currently working as a sessional Lecturer / Tutor and Research Assistant for the School of Arts at Griffith University where he is also pursuing doctoral studies into the representation of Iraq’s shift to democracy in the Australian and Middle Eastern print media. In addition, Ben is part of a team working on the Creativity Resource Portal (CRP).