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Andrew T. Jacobs

Andrew T. Jacobs is an Associate Professor of Speech and Director of Forensics at Rockland Community College, part of the State University of New York system. He holds an M.A. in Speech Communication from Syracuse University.

Katrien Jacobs

Katrien Jacobs is a researcher and writer on all things sexual. She has lectured widely on pornography and new media in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA. An Emerson College Faculty Advancement Grant and residency at arts center KC nOna (Belgium) have enabled her in recent years to develop work as web-based entity ‘libidot.’ (


Sarah James

Sarah James is a PhD student at the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney. Her current research focuses on the intersections of sustainability, heritage and urban growth on the culturally diverse south western fringe of Sydney. Research interests include postcolonialism in settler countries, ‘ordinary’ urbanisms and
cultural complexity.

Kylie Jarrett

Kylie Jarrett is currently (under)employed in the School of Communication, Information and New Media at the University of South Australia. Her recently completed PhD explored the discourse of consumer empowerment in e-commerce, with particular focus on the ninemsn Website.

Juri Joensuu

Juri Joensuu, MA (b. 1975), works at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is co-editor and author of BOOK 2010 – Development Trends in Book Trade (2001, in Finnish. The English version is available at <>). His research interests include book history and technologies materialities of literature, among others.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson (BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MFA, Carnegie Mellon) is Associate Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, USA. He is co-founder of PED, a socially engaged collective that has performed in the USA, Ireland, China and Brazil. Johnson’s multi-media projects address exigencies of daily realities and undress the refined aesthetics of art. Venues for his work have included the Chelsea Museum of Art in NYC, galleries in Amsterdam, Seoul, and Toronto, festivals in Minneapolis, Victoria and Belfast and conferences in Leeds, Liverpool and New York. He has also contributed to a variety of university publications from Arizona State, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, and Liverpool University/Tate Liverpool.

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson is Professor of Complexity Science and Design at the Open University. His PhD is in mathematics and he is a chartered engineer. He coordinates the European ONCE-CS project (Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems) and is a partner in GIACS (General Industrial Applications of Complex Systems) coordination action. He is Principle investigator of the Embracing Complexity in Design project funded by AHRC/EPSRC under the Designing for the 21st Century initiative. He is Vice President of the European Complex Systems Society, and Director of the International Open University of Complexity Systems in Paris. He has published four books and many papers on subjects including artificial intelligence, robotics, machine vision, multi-agent systems, complexity, and hypernetworks.

Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson is a struggling academic (is there any other kind?) but holds great hopes for future things. His first book, The Wolf Man's Burden, came out through Cornell UP in 2001, and he has published articles on critical and cultural studies in The International Journal of Critical Psychology, Paragraph, PMC and contributes from time to time to M/C. To add to this thread, and to make his day, write to

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is Professor and head of the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His books include Doing Internet Research, CyberSociety 2.0, Virtual Culture, and Rock Formation. He is editor of New Media Cultures, a series of books on culture and technology, and coeditor or New Media and Society. In addition to his scholarly work, Jones has provided Internet consulting services to many corporations and not-for-profit organisations.