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Nahid Kabir

Dr Nahid Kabir is a Research Fellow in the School of Communications and Contemporary Arts at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. Dr Kabir is the author of Muslims in Australia: Immigration, Race Relations and Cultural History (London: Kegan Paul, 2005). Her recent publications include “Muslims in a ‘White Australia’: Colour or Religion?” Immigrants and Minorities Journal 24.2 (July 2006): 193-223; “Depiction of Muslims in Selected Australian Media: Free Speech or Taking Sides”, Journal of Media and Culture 9.2 (Sep. 2006); “Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Australian Media, 2001-2005”, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 26.3 (Dec. 2006): 313-328; “What Does It Mean to be Un-Australian?: Views of Australian Muslim Students in 2006”, People and Place 15.1 (2007): 62-79.

Hamish Kaden

Hamish Kaden is a thirty-five-year-old man who is busy writing a novel based upon the legacy of the feminist generation. Upon completion, he hopes to forget about the whole damned thing.

Sonja Kangas

Sonja Kangas works at the University of Lapland and at the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) as a reseacher. Her expertise is in electronic games and reseach of multimodal interface design. She wrote her Master's thesis on "Game Design for Girls" (1999) and she is a co-editor (with media researcher Erkki Huhtamo) of the anthology Mariosofia -- The Culture of Electronic Games(1999).

Louis Kaplan

Louis Kaplan is Assistant Professor of History and Theory of Photography and New Media in the Department of Fine Art at the University of Toronto and he is currently involved in developing an undergraduate specialization in Visual Culture and Communication. He has published widely in the area of modern art history and visual culture and he is interested in the intersection of art and media culture. He is the author of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: Biographical Writings (Duke, 1995) and co-author of a book on the American pop culture icon, Gumby. He is currently working on a series of studies about photography and the question of community in the United States in the twentieth century.


Irmi Karl

Irmi Karl is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Brighton. Her work engages with questions of sexuality and gender identities in relation to the consumption of (new) information and communication technologies. Other research areas include mobile technologies and space as well as the sexual and class politics of popular media forms. In this context she is concerned with consumerism, audience agency and the role of technology in the processes of mediation and lived experiences.

Gillian Kehoul

Gillian Kehoul is a doctoral candidate at the Brisbane campus of Australian Catholic University where she teaches Drama, Ethics, and Women's Studies. Her thesis is investigating ways that Virtue Theory may be used to explore and defend different kinds of emotional activity generated by dramatic performance practices.

Christopher Kelen

Christopher Kelen teaches Comparative Literature and Creative Writing in the Department of English at the University of Macau. He holds degrees in literature and linguistics from the University of Sydney and a Ph.D. on the writing process in poetry from the University of Western Sydney, Nepean. Kelen has published four books of poetry, the most recent of which (2000) is Republics (University of Wollongong Press). He has staged two collaborative (art and poetry) exhibitions in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan, with visual artist, Carol Archer: Tai Mo Shan (Big Hat Mountain) in 2000, and Sleep to Dream (Shui Yi Meng) in 2001. Kelen's poetry has been published and reviewed widely over the last twenty years. Kelen's essays have appeared recently in Angelaki, Meanjin, Island, The Peace Review, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Queen and Text. A long essay on Australian national songs is forthcoming in National Identities.

Douglas Kellner

Douglas Kellner is George Kneller Chair in the Philosophy of Education at UCLA and is author of many books on social theory, politics, history, and culture, including Camera Politica: The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film, co-authored with Michael Ryan; Critical Theory, Marxism, and Modernity; Jean Baudrillard: From Marxism to Postmodernism and Beyond; Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations (with Steven Best); Television and the Crisis of Democracy; The Persian Gulf TV War; Media Culture; and The Postmodern Turn (with Steven Best). He has recently published a book on the 2000 presidential Election, Grand Theft 2000: Media Spectacle and the Theft of an Election, and The Postmodern Adventure. Science, Technology, and Cultural Studies at the Third Millennium (co-authored with Steve Best). He has just published two books on Media Spectacle and on September 11, Terror War, and the Bush Presidency.


Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly is a doctoral candidate with the Department of English at the University of Sydney. Her thesis is currently entitled “Library Scenarios”, and her research interests include libraries, erotica and critical theory. She is an editor with the online journal Philament, and has been previously published in Rhizomes and Colloquy.

Susie Khamis

Susie Khamis is a postgrad student in the Media Dept, Macquarie University. Currently researching the links between the advertising of 'Australiana' and the construction of national identity, and the attendant questions of consumerism, cultural change and identity formation.

Olivia Khoo

Olivia Khoo is a Lecturer in Film and Media at the University of New South Wales. Her particular areas of interest include the cinemas of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore, cultural studies and popular culture in East and South East Asia, Asian-Australian cultural production, gender studies and queer cinema. She has previously taught film and cultural studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Melbourne University, and has also worked on a number of film and arts festivals within Australia. She received an Australia-China Council Residency to the Taipei Artists Village in 2005, and was a Visiting Scholar at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore in 2004-5. Olivia has published widely in journals such as Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Journal of Intercultural Studies, and Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. Her book, The Chinese Exotic: Modern Diasporic Femininity, is forthcoming from Hong Kong University Press in 2007.

Tseen Khoo

Dr Tseen Khoo researches in Asian-Australian literature, diasporic race theory, and Asian women's studies. She co-edited the collection of essays, Diaspora: Negotiating Asian Australia, and convened the inaugural Asian Australian Identities conference in Canberra 1999. Her work has appeared in New Formations, Hecate, and Journal of Japanese Studies. Part of the Executive Committee for the Association for Canadian Studies in Australian and New Zealand, Tseen also moderates the asian-australian electronic list and created and maintains the "Banana Schtick: Studying Asian Australia" website. Tseen will be taking up a postdoctoral appointment at the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies in May 2001.

Sukhmani Khorana

Sukhmani Khorana is a Media Honours student at the University of Adelaide. She has been involved with student newspapers and community radio, and currently works as a part-time media monitor. Her research interests include post-colonial film and literature, Derridean deconstruction, fictocriticism, and all that is taken for granted in contemporary media culture.

Marjorie Kibby

Marjorie Kibby is a Senior lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Her research and teaching interest include contemporary popular music and constructions of community via the Internet - and the intersections of the two.


Kerry Kidd

Kerry Kidd did her first degree at Trinity College, Oxford, in English. She then spent a year working in community health theatre development projects, followed by a Ph.D in Modern Theatre and Cultural Studies at Sheffield University. This interdisciplinary background provides the basis for her current research, as part of the Genetics and Biorisk in Society Institute, into contemporary ideologies of self, fictions of wellness, health and 'being,' as particularly manifested in the current worldwide 'epidemic' of clinical depression.

Andrew King

Andrew King is a PhD student at the University of Queensland. His PhD thesis explores the history of sexual representations of Indigeneity in Australian popular culture.

Ben King

Ben was born in Canada and has been living in Australia for thirteen years. After writing an Honours Thesis at UQ called Digital Fetishism: Technophobia and the New Hollywood, he spent a year working in the camera department on film crews in Canada, Brisbane and Melbourne. Ben plans on doing his Masters in '99 at UQ on representations of the psychological in Hollywood cinema, and continue to work in the local film industry, particularly advertising productions.

Adi Kuntsman

Adi Kuntsman is a lecturer in Internet and Communication at the Department of Media and Cultural Studies, Liverpool John Moores University. She received her PhD from the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University, UK. Her dissertation on Russian-speaking queer immigrants in Israel/Palestine explores the relationship between nationalism, ethnicity and sexuality and the ways these relations are played out in cyberspace. Her research interests include violence, war and colonialism, gender and sexuality in the former Soviet Union and the post-Soviet diaspora, and on the Russian-language Internet. Adi is currently working on hatred and diasporic attachments in Post-Soviet blogosphere.


Jen Tsen Kwok

Jen Tsen Kwok is a recent arts/law graduate from the University of Queensland and a volunteer with ANTaR QLD. He majored in modern history and took an interest in native title in his law degree. Jen Tsen participated heavily in ANTaR QLD's CERD campaign and is presently involved in a website project on cultural heritage. Jen Tsen also has an interest in ethnicity issues, Chinese Diaspora issues and popular culture.