Submission Process


Like most journals, M/C Journal aims for a reasonably consistent writing style across the articles it publishes, in order to maintain a high standard of quality as well as readability. We invite contributions from writers from all walks of life and fields of interest, as long as the articles are sufficiently interesting as well as relevant to the unifying topic of the individual issue they are intended for, and to the media and culture focus of M/C Journal. All articles submitted to M/C Journal are blind peer-reviewed. The articles you submit to M/C should be new and fresh works, not reworked older articles. Editors reserve the right to make minor editorial changes to the articles you submit to M/C Journal, including changes to grammar, punctuation and spelling, but no major alterations will be carried out without authorial approval.

1. Before You Write

1.1 Topic

M/C Journal is a journal for media and culture, with each issue organised around a central topic. The topic will usually be a single term with a large number of possible ties to issues in media and culture. For an indication of how widely article topics can spread from the focal term, please have a look at the M/C Journal past issues. Articles must be written specifically for a particular issue's theme, and submitted directly to the editor/s of that issue unless otherwise stated in that issue's call for papers (see the upcoming issues page).

1.2 Abstract and Biography

Before you start writing an article for M/C Journal, please email the editors of the issue you are interested in with a 100 word abstract of the piece you intend to write. This will be used both to check whether the article is suitable for a particular upcoming issue of M/C. In the same email, please send a brief biography. The biography should be three to four sentences in length and should include at least your institutional affiliation and research interests. For style and content examples, see the contributors page.

2. When You Write

2.1 Word Limit

Each issue of M/C Journal consists of a feature article of about 4000 words, and a number of shorter pieces of 3000 words. The major article will usually be a contribution from an academically established guest writer we have invited, but if you feel your intended topic would qualify for the major article, we will certainly consider your offer. For topics and deadlines of upcoming issues, please see the upcoming issues page.

2.2 Writing Style

M/C Journal is a crossover journal between the popular and the academic, so your submission should reflect that aim stylistically. You should present your thoughts in a way that is open to readers not involved in your field. Again, the articles we have already published (see past issues) will give you an indication of how to approach writing for M/C Journal.

Submissions should be thoroughly researched and referenced, with a list of works cited. References and citations must be in MLA style. In particular, do not use footnotes or endnotes. Submissions should, for preference, also include links to external websites of relevance to the article.

3. Submitting What You Write

3.1 File Formats

You can submit articles in the following formats. Please email the editors directly, with your submission as an attachment.

Plain text (ASCII): You can simply include your article in the body of an email (with no formatting), or attach it as a plain text file. Clearly indicate italics, bold, centering and other formatting instructions. Provide a key for your formatting instructions (eg. Italicised words are enclosed in _underscores_).

Rich Text Format (RTF): In a word processor, choose Save As?, and in the file forat box choose Rich Text Format (RTF). If you are sending a graphic, you can include it in the file, but also send two other versions of it as per the graphics instructions below.

Simple HTML: For text formatting, please use only italics, bold, and center tags. You can use tables and include graphics, but please keep these simple and to a minimum. For submissions that include graphics, send the files zipped in a folder. Send graphics as per the graphics instructions below.

If you can not submit in any format above, please email the editors and let them know exactly what format you will be submitting in (e.g. Word97 for Windows, Wordperfect 5.1).

3.2 Graphics

If you are sending a graphic, send it as a separate file with a note in the document indicating placement. Please include both a 50 pixel square thumbnail plus the full size graphic. Save drawn graphics in .GIF format. Save photographs in .JPG format.

4. Copyrights

We cannot offer payment for articles published in M/C. At this point, contributions are based on a simple exchange: you receive the recognition that comes with publishing an article, we benefit from publishable material. At the very least, however, we recognise that the copyright for articles you publish in M/C remains with you. If you are offered the opportunity to publish them elsewhere, you will not need M/C Journal's approval to do so, but would appreciate the following sentence and link in your acknowledgements: "This article was first published in M/C Journal (".