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M/C Journal was founded (as "M/C – A Journal of Media and Culture") in 1998 as a place of public intellectualism analysing and critiquing the meeting of media and culture. M/C Journal is a fully blind-, peer-reviewed academic journal, open to submissions from anyone. We take seriously the need to move ideas outward, so that our cultural debates may have some resonance with wider political and cultural interests. Each issue is organised around a one-word theme (see our past issues), and is edited by one or more guest editors with a particular interest in that theme. Each issue has a feature article which engages with the theme in some detail, followed by several shorter articles.

Current Issue

Vol. 24 No. 5 (2021): monster

Edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell and Gwyneth Peaty
Image by Phil Korn via Unsplash

Published: 2021-10-05


  • Monster

    Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Gwyneth Peaty


  • 'Waiting with Bated Breath' Navigating the Monstrous World of Online Racism

    Bronwyn Fredericks, Abraham Bradfield


  • Confronting Ecological Monstrosity Contemporary Video Game Monsters and the Climate Crisis

    Lawrence May
  • Subverting the Monster Reading Shrek as a Disability Fairy Tale

    Jordan Alice, Katie Ellis
  • Kamen Rider A Monstrous Hero

    Sophia Staite
  • Demon in a Dress? An Exploration of How Television Programming Conceptualises Female Public Relations Practitioners as Monsters

    Angelique Nairn, Deepti Bhargava
  • The Megalodon A Monster of the New Mythology

    Edward Guimont
  • Positively Monstrous! Layers of Meaning within raxil4’s Bone Guitar Thing

    Will Connor
  • Frankenstein Redux Posthuman Monsters in Jeanette Winterson’s Frankissstein

    Emily McAvan
  • Mouldy Matriarchs and Dangerous Daughters An Ecofeminist Look at Resident Evil Antagonists

    Morgan Pinder
  • The Serpent (2021) Monstrous Tourism, a Serial Killer, and the Hippie Trail

    Gemma Blackwood
  • Demon Monsters or Misunderstood Casualties? Writing about Sharks in Australia

    Donna Lee Brien
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