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M/C Journal was founded (as "M/C – A Journal of Media and Culture") in 1998 as a place of public intellectualism analysing and critiquing the meeting of media and culture. M/C Journal is a fully blind-, peer-reviewed academic journal, open to submissions from anyone. We take seriously the need to move ideas outward, so that our cultural debates may have some resonance with wider political and cultural interests. Each issue is organised around a one-word theme (see our past issues), and is edited by one or more guest editors with a particular interest in that theme. Each issue has a feature article which engages with the theme in some detail, followed by several shorter articles.

Current Issue

Vol. 25 No. 4 (2022): fashion

Edited by Emerald L. King and Monika Winarnita
Image by Emerald L. King

Published: 2022-10-05


  • Fashioning Gender in Asia and Beyond

    Emerald King, Monika Winarnita


  • Fashion, Thresholds, and Borders Indonesia's Policewomen and the Matter of Skin and Clothes

    Monika Winarnita, Sharyn Graham Davies, Nicholas Herriman


  • On the Body Makeup, Clothing, and Hansen’s Disease as Identity

    Kathryn M. Tanaka
  • From Secret Fashion Shoots to the #100projectors Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism and the Interstitial Spaces of Creative Resistance and Rangoon, Burma, and Yangon, Myanmar

    Michelle Diane Aung Thin
  • Prince(ss) Charming of the Japanese Popular Theatre Makeup, Seduction, and Performance

    Carmen Săpunaru Tămaș
  • The Iconic 21st Century Activist "T-Shirt and Tote-Bag" Combination Is Hard to Miss These Days! How Fashion Manifests in Environmental Activism

    Robyn Gulliver
  • Performative Memories Costume, Media, and the ‘Image’ of Indonesian Historical Re-enactment

    Arnoud Arps
  • Kawaii Affective Assemblages Cute New Materialism in Decora Fashion, Harajuku

    Megan Catherine Rose, Haruka Kurebayashi, Rei Saionji
  • Beyond Needle and Thread Communicating and Contesting Identity in Haute Couture

    Amber Patterson-Ooi, Natalie Araujo
  • A Brief Discussion of Asian Women in Leadership Excerpted from: Fashion, Women and Power: The Politics of Dress

    Denise N. Rall
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