Vol. 11 No. 3 (2008): able

Edited by Liz Ferrier and Viv Muller
Published: 2008-07-02
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  • Disabling Able

    Liz Ferrier, Viv Muller


  • Refusing Able(ness): A Preliminary Conversation about Ableism

    Fiona Kumari Campbell


  • Mobilising the Monster: Modern Disabled Performers’ Manipulation of the Freakshow

    Bree Hadley
  • Disability, Heroism and Australian National Identity

    Martin Mantle
  • Enabling the Auteurial Voice in Dance Me to My Song

    D. Bruno Starrs
  • Ars Moriendi, the Erotic Self and AIDS

    Catalina Florescu
  • Creating Visible Children?

    Nicole Matthews
  • Shattering the Hearing Wall

    Donna McDonald
  • Amniocentesis and Motherhood: How Prenatal Testing Shapes Our Cultural Understandings of Pregnancy and Disability

    Fiona Place
  • Able to Live, Laugh and Love

    Veronica Wain
  • iTunes Is Pretty (Useless) When You’re Blind: Digital Design Is Triggering Disability When It Could Be a Solution

    Katie Ellis, Mike Kent
  • Innovation and Disability

    Gerard Goggin
  • Is There an End to Out-Able? Is There an End to the Rat Race for Abilities?

    Gregor Wolbring