Vol. 19 No. 5 (2016): abroad

Edited by Jillian Adams and Melania Pantelich
Published: 2016-10-13
Cover imageImage: King and Queen (after Don Dale), 2016 Lithograph by Robert Hague zoomView cover


  • Abroad

    Jillian Adams, Melania Pantelich


  • Mobility, Modernity, and Abroad

    Alana Harris


  • Monument Valley, Instagram, and the Closed Circle of Representation

    Marjorie Diane Kibby
  • Staging the Silk Road Journey Abroad: The Case of Dunhuang Performative Arts

    Lanlan Kuang
  • Australian Women Writers Abroad

    Jillian Elaine Adams
  • Australian Artists Abroad

    Graeme Henry Williams
  • Bringing a Taste of Abroad to Australian Readers: Australian Wines & Food Quarterly 1956–1960

    Donna Lee Brien
  • “Glossary Islands” as Sites of the “Abroad” in Post-Colonial Literature: Towards a New Methodology for Language and Knowledge Relations in Keri Hulme’s The Bone People and Melissa Lucashenko’s Mullumbimby

    Patrick Leslie West
  • Video on Demand for People with Disability: Traversing Terrestrial Borders

    Katie M Ellis, Mike Kent, Kathryn Locke
  • Allure of the Abroad: Tiffany & Co., Its Cultural Influence, and Consumers

    Jasleen Kaur
  • Bayonetta: A Journey through Time and Space

    Elizabeth Davies