Vol. 10 No. 2 (2007): 'adapt'

Edited by Patrick West and Jeannette Delamoir
Published: 2007-05-01


  • Editorial

    Jeannette Delamoir, Patrick West


  • In Defence of Literary Adaptation as Cultural Production

    Linda Hutcheon


  • Agency in Adaptation

    Michelle McMerrin
  • From British “Pride” to Indian “Bride” Mapping the Contours of a Globalised (Post?)Colonialism

    Suchitra Mathur
  • Amen to That Sampling and Adapting the Past

    Steve Collins
  • Adapting Femininities The New Burlesque

    Debra Ferreday
  • The Persistence of Fidelity Adaptation Theory Today

    J.D. Connor
  • Who Do I Turn (in)to for Help? Multiple Identity as Adaptation in Adaptation

    Lexey A. Bartlett
  • Film/Print Novelisations and Capricorn One

    Deborah Allison
  • Subverting the “Good, Old Tune” Carlos Saura’s Carmen

    Ioana Furnica
  • Adapting to a New Identity Reconstituting the Self as a Heart Patient

    Lelia Green, Leesa Bonniface, Tami McMahon
  • Adaptation and the Art of Survival

    Sergio Rizzo
  • “To Us Writers, the Differences Are Obvious” The Adaptation of Hip Hop Graffiti to an Australian Context

    Kara-Jane Lombard
  • Adaptation, Intertextuality, and the Endless Deferral of Meaning Memento

    Ilana Shiloh
  • Becoming-Samurai Samurai (Films), Kung-Fu (Flicks) and Hip-Hop (Soundtracks)

    Kevin P. Eubanks
  • Adapting a Model of Duration The Multitemporality of T_Visionarium II

    Tim Barker