Vol. 13 No. 2 (2010): ambient

Edited by Luke Jaaniste
Published: 2010-05-03
Cover imageImage: Smear No. 12, from the 'Long Shots' series, by Luke Jaaniste zoomView cover


  • The Ambience of Ambience

    Luke Oliver Jaaniste


  • Ambient Thinking: Or, Sweating over Theory

    Alison Bartlett


  • Ambient Anomie in the Virtualised Landscape? Autonomy, Surveillance and Flows in the 2020 Streetscape

    Bruce Arnold, Margalit Levin
  • From TV to Twitter: How Ambient News Became Ambient Journalism

    Alfred Hermida
  • Oblique Strategies for Ambient Journalism

    Alex Burns
  • The Constant Murmur of Data

    Pau Waelder
  • Populating the Ambient Space of Texts: The Intimate Graffiti of Doodles. Proposals Toward a Theory

    David Allen Ensminger
  • “A little bit more mysterious…”: Ambience and Art in the Dark

    Natalia Radywyl
  • Faith Tweets: Ambient Religious Communication and Microblogging Rituals

    Pauline Hope Cheong
  • An Ambience of Power? Challenges Inherent in the Role of the Public Transport Transit Officer

    Christine Teague, Lelia Green, David Leith