Vol. 23 No. 5 (2020): anomaly

Edited by Chris Campanioni and Giancarlo Lombardi
Published: 2020-10-07
Cover imageImage by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash
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  • A Site of Unsettlement

    Chris Campanioni, Giancarlo Lombardi


  • Collaborative Creative Processes That Challenge Us as "Anomaly", and Affirm Our Indigeneity and Enact Our Sovereignty

    Bronwyn Fredericks


  • The CCTV Headquarters—Horizontal Skyscraper or Vertical Courtyard? Anomalies of Beijing Architecture, Urbanism, and Globalisation

    Patrick Leslie West, Cher Coad
  • Bleeding Puppets: Transmediating Genre in Pili Puppetry

    Jasmine Yu-Hsing Chen
  • From the Elephant Man to Barbie Girl: Dissecting the Freak from the Margins to the Mainstream

    Siobhan Lyons
  • Anomalous Forms in Computer Music

    Emma Stamm
  • Object-Oriented Diaspora Sensibilities, Disidentification, and Ghostly Performance

    Runchao Liu
  • Hybridity, National Identity, and the Smartphone in the Contemporary Union of Myanmar

    Michelle Diane Aung Thin
  • The Chav Youth Subculture and Its Representation in Academia as Anomalous Phenomenon

    Christopher Little
  • The Anomaly of Anomaly of Anomaly

    Daniel Fineman