Vol. 3 No. 1 (2000): Audience

Edited by Paul Attallah, Keith Hampson and Catherine Howell
Published: 2000-03-01


  • Audience

    Paul Attallah, Keith Hampson


  • Matinees, Summers and Opening Weekends Cinemagoing Audiences as Institutional Subjects

    Charles Acland


  • Audience, Uglossia, and CONLANG Inventing Languages on the Internet

    Sarah L. Higley
  • The Audience in Media Activism AIDS Treatment Information Projects

    James Gillett
  • Friendly Persuasion The Growing Ubiquity of Advertising, or What Happens When Everyone Becomes an Ad?

    John Fraim
  • Television Violence and You Introduction

    Jib Fowles
  • Reception, Identity, and the Global Village Television in the Fourth World

    Sam Pack
  • Relating to Internet 'Audiences'

    Lelia Green
  • The Medium Vanishes? The Resurrection of the Mass Audience in the New Media Economy

    Daniel M. Downes