Vol. 16 No. 6 (2013): augment

Edited by Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart
Published: 2013-12-11
Cover imageImage by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Under Scan, Relational Architecture 11 (2005) zoomView cover


  • The Limit and Promise of Augmentation

    Rebecca Caines, Michelle Stewart


  • Augmenting Japan’s Bodies and Futures: The Politics of Human-Technology Encounters in Japanese Idol Pop

    Grant Jun Otsuki


  • Cyborg Agency and Individual Trauma: What Ender's Game Teaches Us about Killing in the Age of Drone Warfare

    Marisa Renee Brandt
  • "I Want to Pump You Up!" Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and the Biopolitics of Data- and Analogue-Flesh

    Graham Potts
  • The Healthy Asthmatic

    Alison Kenner
  • Regressive Augmentation: Investigating Ubicomp’s Romantic Promises

    Xaroula (Charalampia) Kerasidou
  • Three Degrees of “G”s: How an Airbag Deployment Sensor Transformed Video Games, Exercise, and Dance

    David Gerhard
  • Augmentation and Improvisation

    Nicholas Loess
  • Device Consciousness and Collective Volition

    Joss Hands
  • Pianos: Playing, Value, and Augmentation

    Kathleen Irwin, Jeff Morton
  • QR Codes and Traditional Beadwork: Augmented Communities Improvising Together

    Rebecca Caines, Rachelle Viader Knowles, Judy Anderson
  • Organic Interfaces; or, How Human Beings Augment Their Digital Devices

    John C. Hunter
  • Virtually Witness Augmentation Now: Video Games and the Future of Human Enhancement

    Michael Foith
  • Machinic Interagency and Co-evolution

    Prue Gibson
  • Bothering Myself

    Ian Campbell
  • Smooth Effects: The Erasure of Labour and Production of Police as Experts through Augmented Objects

    Michelle Stewart
  • The Convergence Effect: Real and Virtual Encounters in Augmented Reality Art

    Horea Avram
  • Mechanisms of Augmentation in Proprioceptive Media Art

    Ksenia Fedorova
  • If I Had Possession over Judgment Day: Augmenting Robert Johnson

    Jonathan Stewart