Vol. 18 No. 1 (2015): authentic

Edited by Nicholas Hookway and Sara James
Published: 2015-03-18
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  • Authentic Lives, Authentic Times: A Cultural and Media Analysis

    Nicholas Hookway, Sara James


  • Notes on the Existential and Interactional Dimensions of Authenticity: A Symbolic Interactionist Study of Breast Cancer Internet Forums

    J. Patrick Williams, Yi Xiang Goh


  • Living Authentic: "Being True to Yourself" as a Contemporary Moral Ideal

    Nicholas Hookway
  • WhatShouldWeCallMe? Self-Branding, Individuality and Belonging in Youthful Femininities on Tumblr

    Akane Kanai
  • Finding Your Passion: Work and the Authentic Self

    Sara James
  • The Complexity of Authenticity in Religious Innovation: “Alternative Worship” and Its Appropriation as “Fresh Expressions”

    Steve John Taylor
  • Ethnic Background and Meanings of Authenticity: A Qualitative Study of University Students

    Ramon Menendez Domingo
  • Kyle Sandilands: Examining the “Performance of Authenticity” in Chat-Based Radio Programming

    Kate Ames
  • Crocodile Tears? Authenticity in Televisual Pedagogy

    Ava Laure Parsemain
  • Keeping It Real? Authenticity, Commercialisation and Family in Australian Country Music

    Amy Bauder
  • On Oenological Authenticity: Making Wine Real and Making Real Wine

    David Inglis