Vol. 18 No. 5 (2015): beginnings

Edited by Bjorn Nansen and Tama Leaver
Published: 2015-10-16
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  • Beginnings

    Bjorn Nansen, Tama Leaver


  • Playing Pregnancy: The Ludification and Gamification of Expectant Motherhood in Smartphone Apps

    Deborah Lupton, Gareth M Thomas
  • ‘Getting Personal’: 
Contemplating Changes in Intersubjectivity, Methodology and Ethnography

    Sophia Alice Johnson
  • Micro­microcelebrity: Branding Babies on the Internet

    Crystal Abidin
  • Digitods: Toddlers, Touch Screens and Australian Family Life

    Donell Joy Holloway, Lelia Green, Kylie Stevenson
  • Accidental, Assisted, Automated: An Emerging Repertoire of Infant Mobile Media Techniques

    Bjorn Nansen
  • Spreadsheets and the Violence of Forms: Tracking Organisational and Domestic Use

    Esther Milne
  • Extra-Planetary Digital Cultures

    David Crouch, Katarina Damjanov
  • Startling Starts: Smart Contact Lenses and Technogenesis

    Isabel Pedersen, Kirsten Ellison