Vol. 20 No. 2 (2017): build

Edited by Rachel Franks and Simon Dwyer
Published: 2017-04-26
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  • Build

    Rachel Franks, Simon Dwyer


  • Subhuman Remainders: The Unbuilt Subject in Francis Bacon’s “Study of a Baboon”, Jan Švankmajer’s Darkness, Light, Darkness, and Patricia Piccinini’s “The Young Family”

    Aleksandr Andreas Wansbrough


  • Unbuilding the City: Writing Demolition

    Ella Mudie
  • The Garden Palace: Building an Early Sydney Icon

    Sarah Morley
  • Highlighting the Build: Using Lighting to Showcase the Sydney Opera House

    Simon Dwyer
  • Building Community, Breaking Barriers: Little Free Libraries and Local Action in the United States

    Nadine Irène Kozak
  • Building a Professional Profile: Charles Dickens and the Rise of the “Detective Force”

    Rachel Franks
  • Building Online Academic Community: Reputation Work on Twitter

    Hazel Ferguson
  • Sound, Space and Bodies: Building Relations in the Work of Invisible Flock and Atelier Bildraum

    Rebecca Louise Collins
  • Building Skill in Videogames: A Play of Bodies, Controllers and Game-Guides

    Ben Egliston
  • Enabling Capabilities: Innovation and Development in the Outer Hebrides

    George Steve Jaramillo
  • “Making It Happen”: Deciphering Government Branding in Light of the Sydney Building Boom

    Nicholas Richardson