Vol. 3 No. 4 (2000): Chat

Edited by Felicity Meakins & E. Sean Rintel
Published: 2000-08-01


  • Chat

    Felicity Meakins, E. Sean Rintel


  • Two Rhetorical Uses of the Description 'Chat'

    Charles Antaki
  • Still on Holidays Hank? -- 'Doing Business' by 'Having a Chat'

    Alec McHoul, Mark Rapley


  • Chatting in the Neighbourhood Does It Have a Place in the World of Globalised Media?

    Mark Frankland
  • Invitation or Sexual Harassment? An Analysis of an Intercultural Communication Breakdown

    Zhu Yunxia, Peter Thompson
  • The Naturally-Occuring Chat Machine Newsgroup Messages

    Darren Reed, Malcolm Ashmore
  • Computer-Mediated Chat Ways of Finding Chat Partners

    Paul ten Have
  • E-Mail and the Problems of Communication The Problems of Communication

    Derek Wallace
  • Neither Male or Female OtherGendered Chat in Little Italy

    Miranda Mowbray
  • Familiars in a Strange Land A Case Study of Friends Chatting Online

    Cynthia Campbell, Scott A. Wickman
  • Swedish Chat Rooms Method

    Ylva Hard af Segerstad
  • Chatting to Learn and Learning to Chat Experienced Teachers Learning in a Collaborative Virtual Environment

    Teresa Cerratto
  • Statistics of Major IRC Networks Methods and Summary of User Count

    Kajetan Hinner
  • Dialogue on Film and Philosophy Editors' Preface

    Ulf Wilhelmsson