Vol. 9 No. 2 (2006): 'collaborate'

Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Axel Bruns
Published: 2006-05-01


  • Collaborate

    Donna Lee Brien, Axel Bruns


  • Copyright in a Collaborative Age Understanding Copyright

    Suw Charman, Michael Holloway


  • Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work Introduction

    Mark Elliott
  • Students “at Risk”: Dilemmas of Collaboration Introduction

    Nahid Kabir, Mark Balnaves
  • Riding Waves of Resonance: Morphogenic Fields and Collaborative Research with Australian Travelling Communities

    Geoff Danaher, Beverley Moriarty, P.A. Danaher
  • The Impossibility of Collaborating with Kathy, ‘The Stupid Bitch’ Embodied Collaborative Agents

    Sheryl Brahnam
  • The Wicked Problem of Collaboration Collaborative Circle?

    Judd Ruggill, Ken McAllister
  • Reflections on Practicing Student-Staff Collaboration in Academic Research: A Transformative Strategy for Change? Notes

    Maud Perrier
  • A Cappella and Diva: A Collaborative Process for Individual Academic Writing Overture

    Wendy Beck, Kerry Dunne, Josie Fisher, Jane O'Sullivan, Alison Sheridan
  • Would We, Could We, Did We Collaborate? Mutuality and Respect Introduction

    Belinda R. Tynan, Dawn L. Garbett
  • Metacognition through Group Practice in the New Media Classroom

    Chris Leslie
  • Creative Communities after Television: The Collective Authorship of Channel 101

    Elliot Panek
  • Off World Sounds: Building a Collaborative Soundscape Moving Off World

    Tara Brabazon, Stephen Mallinder
  • Posthuman Collaboration: Multimedia, Improvisation, and Computer Mediation Hazel

    Hazel Smith, Roger T. Dean
  • The Convergence Potentials of Collaboration & Adaptation: A Case Study in Progress Introduction

    Patrick West
  • Interruption/Interaction/Collaboration: A Critical Appraisal of the Textual @traction Interactive Event Live/Dead

    Ieuan Morris