Vol. 16 No. 3 (2013): cookbook

Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Adele Wessell
Published: 2013-06-26
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  • Cookbook: A New Scholarly View

    Donna Lee Brien, Adele Wessell


  • “We eat more than kangaroo tail or dugong you know…”: Recent Indigenous Australian Cookbooks

    Bronwyn Fredericks, Margaret Anderson


  • Cooking in the Books: Cookbooks and Cookery in Popular Fiction

    Rachel Franks
  • Words from the Culinary Crypt: Reading the Cookbook as a Haunted/Haunting Text

    Lorna Piatti-Farnell
  • Cooking Up Healthy Citizens: The Pedagogy of Cookbooks

    Emily Margaret Gray, Deana Leahy
  • Text for Dinner: ‘Plain’ Food in Colonial Australia … Or, Was It?

    Charmaine Liza O'Brien
  • Towards a Structured Approach to Reading Historic Cookbooks

    Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
  • A Cookbook of Her Own

    Blake Singley
  • “This receipt is as safe as the Bank”: Reading Irish Culinary Manuscripts

    Dorothy Ann Cashman
  • Cooking with Luce: Parler-Femme through Textual Montage

    Nollie Joy Nahrung
  • Cooking from Life: The Real Recipe for Street Food in Ha Noi

    Lelia Green, Van Hong Nguyen
  • The Language of Food

    Brigita Orel
  • My Failed Cheddar Cheese: Cookbooks, Tacit Knowledge, and Technology

    Jillian Elaine Adams
  • Artist in the Kitchen: The Kitchen as Studio

    Ulrike Sturm
  • The Secret Adoptee's Cookbook

    Sue Bond
  • Writing Women: The Virtual Cookbook and Pinterest

    Amy Brooke Antonio
  • Experiencing Reality through Cookbooks: How Cookbooks Shape and Reveal Our Identities

    Emily Weiskopf-Ball
  • My Kitchen, Myself: Constructing the Feminine Identity in Contemporary Cookbooks

    Carody Culver
  • Cookbooks, High-tech Kitchens, and Gender Culture: Addressing the Sugar and Spice in Contemporary Couple Relations

    Rosalina Pisco Costa
  • Food Blogging and Food-related Media Convergence

    Jennifer Lofgren
  • Reading the Senses: Writing about Food and Wine

    Moya Costello
  • From Escoffier to Adria: Tracking Culinary Textbooks at the Dublin Institute of Technology 1941–2013

    Pauline Danaher
  • Cookbooks for Making History: As Sources for Historians and as Records of the Past

    Adele Wessell
  • “Concern and sympathy in a pyrex bowl”: Cookbooks and Funeral Foods

    Donna Lee Brien