Vol. 17 No. 6 (2014): counterculture

Edited by Rob Garbutt, Jacqueline Dutton and Johanna Kijas
Published: 2014-12-10
Cover imageImage: The Nimbin Pole, 1973. Photograph by Chris Meagher. The image is an iconic image from the 1973 Aquarius Festival, the Australian counterculture festival, held in the village of Nimbin in northern NSW, Australia. The pole was the whimsical brainchild of Anouska Wilde. zoomView cover


  • Counterculture

    Rob Garbutt, Jacqueline Dutton, Johanna Kijas


  • Aquarius and Beyond: Thinking through the Counterculture

    Rob Garbutt


  • Articulating the "Counter" in Subculture Studies

    Patrick Williams, Erik Hannerz
  • Counterculture, Capitalism, and the Constancy of Change

    Thomas Sutherland
  • Monastic Practices Countering a Culture of Consumption

    Peter Sampson
  • The Countercultural Potential of Citizen Science

    Dan McQuillan
  • The Evolution of a Meme Cluster: A Personal Account of a Countercultural Odyssey through The Age of Aquarius

    Victor Marsh
  • Black Fellas and Rainbow Fellas: Convergence of Cultures at the Aquarius Arts and Lifestyle Festival, Nimbin, 1973

    Alethea Scantlebury
  • Counterculture, Property, Place, and Time: Nimbin, 1973

    John Page
  • Counterculture and Alternative Media in Utopian Contexts: A Slice of Life from the Rainbow Region

    Jacqueline Dutton
  • The Power of the Wave: Activism Rainbow Region-Style

    Yvonne Hartman, Sandy Darab
  • Value the Edge: Permaculture as Counterculture in Australia

    Alexandra Crosby, Jacquie Lorber-Kasunic, Ilaria Vanni Accarigi
  • "Nanna Style": The Countercultural Politics of Retro Femininities

    Rosanna Hunt, Michelle Phillipov
  • Alternative Entrances: Phillip Noyce and Sydney’s Counterculture

    Ingo Petzke
  • The Right Stuff? The Original Double Jay as Site for Youth Counterculture

    Cathy Hope, Bethaney Turner
  • “Long Gone Hippies in the Desert”: Counterculture and “Radical Self-Reliance” at Burning Man

    Mario George Rodriguez