Vol. 11 No. 5 (2008): country

Edited by Andrew Gorman-Murray
Published: 2008-10-22
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  • Country

    Andrew Gorman-Murray


  • "I Am Isabel, You Know?": The Antipodean Framing of Jane Campion’s Portrait of a Lady

    Annabel Cooper


  • On the Overland Trail: Sheet Music, Masculinity and Travelling ‘Country’

    Chris Gibson
  • No "Country" for Just Old Men

    Lori Maxwell, Kara E. Stooksbury
  • Non-Urban Noirs: Rural Space in Moonrise, On Dangerous Ground, Thieves’ Highway, and They Live by Night

    Jesse Schlotterbeck
  • Jindabyne’s Haunted Alpine Country: Producing (an) Australian Badland

    Anthony Lambert, Catherine Simpson
  • Before and after Climate Change: The Snow Country in Australian Imaginaries

    Andrew Gorman-Murray
  • "We Are Next!": Listening to Jewish Voices in a Multicultural Country

    Lelia Green, Gerry Bloustien, Mark Balnaves
  • Laying Claim to "Country": Native Title and Ownership in the Mainstream Australian Media

    Clemence Due
  • Creating "Kantri" in Central New Guinea: Relational Ontology and the Categorical Logic of Statecraft

    Michael Wesch
  • Why Foodies Thrive in the Country: Mapping the Influence and Significance of the Rural and Regional Chef

    Donna Lee Brien
  • Home, Capital of the Region

    Terry Maybury


  • Country

    Rohan Tate