Vol. 4 No. 4 (2001): Creator

Edited by Jason Ensor and Guy Redden
Published: 2001-08-01


  • The Fall of Every Sparrow

    William J.Wilson


  • Taking Creative Licence It's Not An Easy Thing Meeting your Maker.

    Jason Ensor, Guy Redden


  • A Remarkable Disappearing Act Immanence and the Creation of Modern Things

    Warwick Mules


  • Portraits of the Translator as an Artist

    Bev Curran
  • Recreating Prometheus Prometheus & Creation

    Juliette Crooks
  • "That All May Be One" Co-Creating God, Community, and Religion with the Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph

    Patricia C.Foley
  • Cybotycycstyk Schisms

    Mark Rockeymoore
  • The Documentary Photographer as Creator Photography in the Digital Age: Distinguishing between truth and evidence

    Maria Mitropoulos
  • Rollins, Representation and Reality Lifting the Weight of Masculinity.

    Leanne McRae