Vol. 18 No. 4 (2015): curate

Edited by Bethaney Turner and Cathy Hope
Published: 2015-08-19
Cover imageImage: Visual storage at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England, by Sarah Stierch (Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY) zoomView cover


  • Curate

    Cathy Hope, Bethaney Turner


  • Curating in the Postdigital Age

    Anna Edmundson


  • Digital Narrating for Contentious Politics: Social Media Content Curation at Movement Protests

    Tin-yuet Ting
  • A Curatorial Turn in Policy Development? Managing the Changing Nature of Policymaking Subject to Mediatisation

    Nicholas Richardson
  • Painting the Town Blue and Green: Curating Street Art through Urban Mobile Gaming

    Kyle Moore
  • Ireland on a Plate: Curating the 2011 State Banquet for Queen Elizabeth II

    Elaine Mahon
  • How We Speak When We Say Things about Ourselves in Social Media: A Semiotic Analysis of Content Curation

    Roger Dawkins
  • Beyond Braille on Toilet Doors: Museum Curators and Audiences with Vision Impairment

    Beaux Fen Guarini
  • Curation on Campus: An Exhibition Curatorial Experiment for Creative Industries Students

    Ulrike Sturm, Denise Beckton, Donna Lee Brien
  • Promoting Information Literacy in Higher Education through Digital Curation

    Amy Brooke Antonio, David Tuffley
  • Fashioning the Curator: The Chinese at the Lambing Flat Folk Museum

    Sharon Margaret Peoples
  • Curating a Nation’s Past: The Role of the Public Intellectual in Australia’s History Wars

    Helen Fordham
  • Curating Everyday Life: Approaches to Documenting Everyday Soundscapes

    Milena Droumeva
  • Exploring a Curatorial Turn in Journalism

    Anita Howarth
  • Content Curators as Cultural Intermediaries: “My reputation as a curator is based on what I curate, right?”

    Daniel Ashton, Martin Couzins