Vol. 14 No. 2 (2011): diaspora

Edited by Lynne Pearce and Kath Woodward; online editor Kate Horsley
Published: 2011-05-02
Cover imagePhoto by Lynne Pearce: ‘Reflections: Ashton Canal, Manchester’ zoomView cover


  • Diaspora

    Lynne Pearce


  • Tuning In: Diasporas at the BBC World Service

    Kath Woodward


  • Arab Revolutions and the Social Media Effect

    Zahera Harb
  • Postcolonial Play: Constructions of Multicultural Identities in ABC Children's Projects

    Adam Brown, Leonie Rutherford
  • Malayalee Diaspora in the Age of Satellite Television

    Shreerekha Pillai Subramanian
  • Mediated Crossroads: Youthful Digital Diasporas

    Koen Leurs, Sandra Ponzanesi
  • The Networked Diaspora: Bulgarian Migrants on Facebook

    Marta Marcheva
  • Contingent Spaces of Collective Action: Evoking Translocal Concerns

    Tarmo Pikner
  • Circulating Communities Online: The Case of the Kauhajoki School Shooting

    Johanna Sumiala