Vol. 12 No. 5 (2009): disclose

Edited by Bree Hadley and Rebecca Caines
Published: 2009-12-16
Cover imageImage: "water burns sun", Burning, 2009, by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang. Performer: Neil Marcus zoomView cover


  • Negotiating Selves: Exploring Cultures of Disclosure

    Bree Hadley, Rebecca Caines


  • “your darkness also/rich and beyond fear”: Community Performance, Somatic Poetics and the Vessels of Self and Other

    Petra Kuppers


  • "So what will you do on the plinth?”: A Personal Experience of Disclosure during Antony Gormley’s "One & Other" Project

    Jill Francesca Dowse
  • Food Confessions: Disclosing the Self through the Performance of Food

    Jenny Lawson
  • Participation Cartography: The Presentation of Self in Spatio-Temporal Terms

    Luis Carlos Sotelo-Castro
  • Disclosure in Biographically-Based Fiction: The Challenges of Writing Narratives Based on True Life Stories

    Donna Lee Brien
  • Closure through Mock-Disclosure in Bret Easton Ellis’s Lunar Park

    Jennifer Anne Phillips
  • Disclosing the Ethnographic Self

    Christine Lohmeier
  • Celebrity Twitter: Strategies of Intrusion and Disclosure in the Age of Technoculture

    Nick Muntean, Anne Helen Petersen
  • “Just Emotional People”? Emo Culture and the Anxieties of Disclosure

    Michelle Phillipov