Vol. 2 No. 8 (1999): End

Edited by Jason Ensor and Felicity Meakins
Published: 1999-12-01


  • End

    Jason Ensor, Felicity Meakins


  • That Year 2000 The End or a Beginning?

    David Bennett


  • Web Forum: De Mortuis Bonum An Internet Eulogy Tour

    Felicity Meakins
  • Spoilers and Cheaters Narrative Closure and the Cultural Dimensions of Alternate Reading Practices

    Nick Caldwell
  • The End of 'Bandwidth' Why We Must Learn to Understand the Infinite

    Axel Bruns
  • End

    Philip Nitschke
  • Why 2000?

    Geoff Hoyte
  • 'This Machine Is Obsolete' A Listeners' Guide to Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile

    Alex Burns
  • Dreaming "My Death" Two Philosophies

    Laurie Johnson
  • Just the Sort of Day Jack Had Always Loved

    Donna Lee Brien
  • Web Forum: Apocacide, Apocaholics and Apocalists A Selective Webography of Endism

    Jason Ensor
  • The Dream of the Millennium A Selective Bibliography

    Henry Lawton
  • A Poetic End Allen Ginsberg's "Sphincter"

    Simon Astley Scholfield
  • Ends and Beginnings Observations on Changing the Approach to Our End

    Michael C. Wolffram
  • The End of the Virtual Community

    Lelia Green