Vol. 12 No. 2 (2009): enthuse

Edited by Glen Fuller
Published: 2009-05-27
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  • The Challenges of Enthusiasm

    Glen Fuller


  • Enthusiasm as Affective Labour: On the Productivity of Enthusiasm in the Media Industry

    Goetz Bachmann, Andreas Wittel


  • “If you can walk down the street and recognise the difference between cast iron and wrought iron, the world is altogether a better place”: Being Enthusiastic about Industrial Archaeology

    Hilary Geoghegan
  • Never Coming to a Theatre near You: Recut Film Trailers

    Kathleen Williams
  • Enthusiasm, the Creative Industry and the 'Creative Tropical City: Mapping Darwin’s Creative Industries' Project

    Clementine Ruth Hill
  • Promises of Peace and Passion: Enthusing the Readers of Self-Help

    Rebecca Hazleden
  • "Gently Caress Me, I Love Chris Jericho": Pro Wrestling Fans "Marking Out"

    Wilson Koh
  • The Blonde Goddess

    Meera Atkinson