Vol. 7 No. 5 (2004): 'fame'

Edited by P. David Marshall
Published: 2004-11-01


  • Fame's Perpetual Moment

    P. David Marshall


  • Fame and Disability Christopher Reeve, Super Crips, and Infamous Celebrity

    Gerard Goggin, Christopher Newell


  • Double Exposure Charlie Chaplin as Author and Celebrity

    Jonathan E. Goldman
  • Hypertrophic Celebrity

    Tom Mole
  • Beyond the Stars Warholian Meta-Celebrity

    Michael Angelo Tata
  • Harry Potter and the Fan Fiction Phenomenon Endnote

    Lelia Green, Carmen Guinery
  • Always Famous Or, The Electoral Half-Life of Ronald Reagan

    Kevin Howley
  • Loving the Alien Ziggy Stardust and Self-Conscious Celebrity

    Suzanne Rintoul
  • An Index of Fame? Critical Identifications of Fame in the 'Social Laboratory'

    Gordon Fletcher
  • 'Australian Idol' and the Attention Economy The Attention Economy

    Charles Fairchild
  • Being in the Shadow of Hollywood Celebrity, Banality, and the Infamous Chaka

    Davin Heckman
  • Is Straight the New Queer? David Beckham and the Dialectics of Celebrity

    Mohmin Rahman
  • 'Very Solo' Anecdotes of Authentic Identity

    William Tregoning
  • 'The Only Place Where ''Success'' Comes before ''Work'' Is in the Dictionary...?' Conceptualising Fame in Reality TV

    Susan Holmes
  • Murderabilia Consuming Fame

    David Schmid
  • Stop Press! Sister Wendy Refers to the Work of Celebrity-Artist Damien Hirst as 'Gossip Shock-Horror Art'!

    Carrie LeBlanc
  • The Virtualization of Elián González

    Paul Allatson