Vol. 25 No. 4 (2022): fashion

Edited by Emerald L. King and Monika Winarnita
Image by Emerald L. King

Published: 2022-10-05


  • Fashioning Gender in Asia and Beyond

    Emerald King, Monika Winarnita


  • Fashion, Thresholds, and Borders Indonesia's Policewomen and the Matter of Skin and Clothes

    Monika Winarnita, Sharyn Graham Davies, Nicholas Herriman


  • On the Body Makeup, Clothing, and Hansen’s Disease as Identity

    Kathryn M. Tanaka
  • From Secret Fashion Shoots to the #100projectors Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism and the Interstitial Spaces of Creative Resistance and Rangoon, Burma, and Yangon, Myanmar

    Michelle Diane Aung Thin
  • Prince(ss) Charming of the Japanese Popular Theatre Makeup, Seduction, and Performance

    Carmen Săpunaru Tămaș
  • The Iconic 21st Century Activist "T-Shirt and Tote-Bag" Combination Is Hard to Miss These Days! How Fashion Manifests in Environmental Activism

    Robyn Gulliver
  • Performative Memories Costume, Media, and the ‘Image’ of Indonesian Historical Re-enactment

    Arnoud Arps
  • Kawaii Affective Assemblages Cute New Materialism in Decora Fashion, Harajuku

    Megan Catherine Rose, Haruka Kurebayashi, Rei Saionji
  • Beyond Needle and Thread Communicating and Contesting Identity in Haute Couture

    Amber Patterson-Ooi, Natalie Araujo
  • A Brief Discussion of Asian Women in Leadership Excerpted from: Fashion, Women and Power: The Politics of Dress

    Denise N. Rall