Vol. 5 No. 1 (2002): Fear

Edited by Angi Buettner and Liz Ferrier
Published: 2002-03-01


  • Fear

    Angi Buettner, Liz Ferrier


  • A Day That Will Live In … ?

    Patrick Deer, Toby Miller


  • Fear, Security and the Politics of Representing Asylum Seekers

    Matt McDonald
  • Performing Feeling Without Fear

    Gillian Kehoul
  • Animal Monsters and the Fear of the Wild Natural nasties

    Elisa Aaltola
  • Evoking terror in film scores

    Bill Thompson
  • You will die! Mass media invocations of existential dread

    Nadine Henley
  • Familiarity breeds Contentment A Review of "Evoking Terror in Film Scores"

    Peter Freeman