Vol. 6 No. 4 (2003): Fibre

Edited by The Fibreculture Collective
Published: 2003-08-01


  • Fibre Works Cited

    David Teh


  • Broadband Connecting

    Gerard Goggin


  • When Fibre Meets Fibre Networking as ritual meeting of body, brain and technics

    Andrew Murphie
  • Idiotypic Networks, Normative Networks Health

    Andrew Goffey
  • Fragments on New Media Arts and Science Of Motivational Art

    Geert Lovink
  • The Infrastructural-Political Forms of Attachment and Sites of Differentiation

    Adrian Mackenzie
  • A Spam Scam Slam

    Grayson Cooke
  • The Geography of Cyberspace The Virtual and the Physical

    Emy Tseng, Kyle Eischen
  • Resistances of Gender Works Cited

    Jonathan Marshall
  • Something Third, Other Works Cited

    Petra Gemeinboeck