Vol. 6 No. 1 (2003): Fight

Edited by Jean Burgess, Joy McEntee and Emma Nelms
Published: 2003-02-01


  • How to Pick a Fight Visualisation and Sharing in Catastrophic Times

    Jean Burgess, Joy McEntee, Emma Nelms


  • An Excerpt from the Novella Moving

    Julienne van Loon


  • It Was Not Death for I Stood Up…and Fragged the Dumb-Ass MoFo Who'd Wasted Me The Cultural Politics of Death in Online Games

    Mark Mullen
  • “War is Over! If You Want It” John and Yoko’s Media

    Louis Kaplan
  • “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake” Fighting and Ideology in Fight Club

    Kate Greenwood
  • If It Bleeds, It Leads Mediating Perspectives on Violence

    Christopher Vaughan
  • Fight for Survival The RIAA’s Sustained Attack on Streaming Media

    Axel Bruns
  • Identity Making from Soap to Nuts The Role of Abjection

    Tracy M. Caldwell
  • We shall Fight on the Seas and the Oceans…We shall Commodification, Localism and Violence

    Paul Scott
  • Whom do you fight? The limits and excesses of masculinity in Fight Club

    Melissa Iocco