Vol. 9 No. 5 (2006): 'filth'

Edited by Andrew Leggett and Donna Hancox
Published: 2006-11-01


  • filth

    Andrew Leggett, Donna Hancox


  • The Real Filth in American Psycho A Critical Reassessment

    Donna Lee Brien


  • Ineradicable Stain

    Julie Firth
  • Abjection as ‘Singular Politics’ in Janet Frame’s The Carpathians

    Patrick West
  • Extremity, Video Games and the Censors

    Scott Beattie
  • Soiling Suburbia Lynch, Solondz and the Power of Dirt

    Jason Bainbridge
  • Filth and Sexual Excess Some Brief Reflections on Popular Scatology

    Jack Sargeant
  • Filth, Incontinence and Border Protection

    Farida Tilbury
  • Chav Scum The Filthy Politics of Social Class in Contemporary Britain

    Imogen Tyler
  • Abject d’Art

    Vivienne Muller
  • Location, Location Situating Bondi’s “Rubbish House”

    Kirsten Seale
  • Matter Out of Place Reading Dirty Women

    Carol Wical