Vol. 2 No. 7 (1999): Food

Edited by Vikki Fraser and John Gunders
Published: 1999-10-01


  • Killer Zucchini

    Ric Masten
  • Photo Essay:"Chuck Another Steak on the Barbie, Would'ja Doll?" Welcome to the birth of M/C.

    Judith Villamayor, John Gunders, Vikki Fraser


  • Food

    Vikki Fraser, John Gunders


  • Indigestion of Identities

    Elspeth Probyn


  • "And Now for the Main (Dis)course..." Or, Food as Entrée in Contemporary Japanese Television

    Todd Holden
  • A Recipe for "Blackened 'Other'" Process and Product in the Work of Victor Grippo

    Lynn Houston
  • Packaging the Gifts of Nation Plates

    Guy Redden
  • Material Food, Spiritual Quest When Pleasure Does Not Follow Purchase

    Teemu Taira
  • What about the Women? Food, Migration and Mythology

    Danielle Gallegos, Felicity Newman
  • "You Have a Basket for the Bread, Just Put the Bloody Chicken in It"

    Felicity Newman
  • Food Deserts An Issue of Social Justice

    Sinead Furey, Heather McIlveen, Christopher Strugnell