Vol. 14 No. 6 (2011): impact

Edited by Bettina Rösler and Louise Ryan
Published: 2011-12-13
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  • Impact

    Bettina Gaby Rösler, Louise Ryan


  • Measurable Progress? Teaching Artsworkers to Assess and Articulate the Impact of Their Work

    Bree Jamila Hadley, Sandra Gattenhof


  • Making an Impact: Cultural Studies, Media and Contemporary Work

    Justine Humphry
  • Measuring Impact: The Importance of Evaluation for Documentary Film Campaigns

    Beth Karlin, John Johnson
  • Before and after A Night Out: The Impact of Revelation in Bangladesh

    Kathryn Hummel
  • Stories with Impact: The Potential of Storytelling to Contribute to Cultural Research and Social Inclusion

    Donna Hancox
  • Testing Citizenship, Regulating History: The Fatal Impact

    Maria Chisari
  • Impacting on Intimacy: Negotiating the Marriage Equality Debate

    Senthorun Raj
  • "Keeping It Real": Representations of Postnatal Bodies and Opportunities for Resistance and Transformation

    Christina Amelia Rosa Malatzky
  • The Impact of the Researcher on the Researched

    Ryan J. Al-Natour