Vol. 9 No. 6 (2006): 'jam'

Edited by Jo Tacchi and Lawrence English
Published: 2006-12-01


  • Jam

    Jo Tacchi, Lawrence English


  • Jammed in an Unknown Device

    David Toop


  • Putting Up with “Putting Up”: A Cultural Analysis of Making Homemade Jam in the Twenty-First Century A Cultural Analysis of Homemade Jam in the Twenty-First Century

    Lynn Houston
  • Theory-Jamming Uses of Eclectic Method in an Ontological Spiral

    Stephen Stockwell
  • Jam2jam Networked Jamming

    Steve Dillon
  • ‘Irigaray Makes Jam’

    Alison Bartlett
  • “Boulevard of Broken Songs” Mash-ups as Textual Re-appropriation of Popular Music Culture

    Em McAvan
  • Sensory Jam How the Victoria Preserving Company Pushed Australian Cinema Space into the New Millennium

    Leanne Downing
  • Weblogs as Personal Narratives Displacing History and Temporality

    Yasmin Ibrahim
  • Code Jamming

    Andrew R. Brown