Vol. 6 No. 5 (2003): Joke

Edited by Paul Denvir and E. Sean Rintel
Published: 2003-11-01


  • Editorial Theme one: Transgressive Joking

    Paul Denvir, E. Sean Rintel


  • On Sexism in Conversational Joking Example 1: Stan and Dave

    Phillip Glenn


  • That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore Zizek, Cynicism and Laughter

    Gemma Blackwood
  • Big Things Larrikinism, Low Art and the Land

    Stephen Stockwell, Bethany Carlisle
  • Problems with the Attitudinal Endorsement Theory of Joke Appreciation Zizek, Cynicism and Laughter

    Aaron Smuts
  • Viagra and 'Getting it up' It's a joke if you can't and it's a joke if you can!?

    Tiina Vares
  • The Gossip of Ideology Sexual Jokes and the Tumescence of Power

    Bill Mohr
  • Performativity and Metacommentary in Jewish American Mother Light Bulb Jokes Notes

    Diane R. Wiener
  • Sitting Targets and the Joking Relationships Works Cited

    Robert V. Lloyd