Vol. 15 No. 5 (2012): list

Edited by Rowan Wilken and Anthony McCosker
Published: 2012-10-18
Cover imageImage: 12th c. BC list of Egyptian rulers (Simon Hayter / Ancient Egypt Website) zoomView cover


  • List

    Rowan Wilken, Anthony McCosker


  • Listlessness in the Archive

    Ben Highmore
  • List Media: The Telephone Directory and the Arranging of Names

    Gerard Michael Goggin


  • Twitter Archives and the Challenges of "Big Social Data" for Media and Communication Research

    Jean Burgess, Axel Bruns
  • Why Writers Hate the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Lists, Entropy and the Sense of Unending

    Darren John Tofts
  • The Lists of W. G. Sebald

    Tom McInnes Lee
  • Complicating a Rudimentary List of Characteristics: Communicating Disability with Down Syndrome Dolls

    Katie Ellis
  • Lists, Spatial Practice and Assistive Technologies for the Blind

    Suneel Jethani
  • The Everyday Work of Lists

    Rowan Wilken, Anthony McCosker