Vol. 6 No. 3 (2003): Logo

Edited by Jason Wilson and John Pace
Published: 2003-06-01


  • (No) Logo Au-go-go Works Cited

    John Pace, Jason A. Wilson


  • Toywars Conceptual Art Meets Conceptual Business

    McKenzie Wark


  • An Interview with the Makers of Value-Added Cinema A Product Placement Compendium

    Danni Zuvela
  • Coercion The Branding of Human Culture

    Douglas Rushkoff
  • Engaging Media Spectacle Works Cited

    Douglas Kellner
  • The Academic Logo an Exploration of the Commodity Paralogics

    Jeremy Hunsinger
  • Jamming at Work The Politics and Play of ®TMark

    Susie Khamis
  • “What fucked version of hello kitty are you?” or: Is Hello Kitty as a logo for third-wave riot grrrl feminism merely mainstream gender hegemony in disguise?

    Lucy Nicholas
  • On the relentless logic of the logo-sign Works Cited

    Hélène Frichot
  • Post-Logo Works Cited

    Craig Bellamy
  • The Yes Men Seeing Beyond the Brands to the Bodies

    John Pace
  • Postmodern Puma Works Cited

    Andrew D. Grainger, David L. Andrews
  • Creative Industries and the Limits of Critique from Works Cited

    Ned Rossiter