Vol. 5 No. 4 (2002): Loop

Edited by Peta Mitchell and E. Sean Rintel
Published: 2002-08-01


  • Editorial

    Peta Mitchell, E. Sean Rintel


  • Agency Beyond Strange Cultural Loops

    Laurie Johnson


  • Appropriating a Slur Semantic Looping in the African-American Usage of Nigga

    Andrew T.Jacobs
  • Making Data Flow On the Implications of Code Loops

    Adrian Mackenzie
  • Creation by Looping Interactions The Work of Hands Drawing

    Luis O.Arata
  • The Synthetic Image Links

    Vince Dziekan
  • Mastering the 'Visual Groove' Animated Electric Bulb Signs, Locations, and Loops

    Margaret Weigel
  • Loops and and Illusions Fakes

    Keith Russell
  • Harry Potter, Inc. Content Recycling for Corporate Synergy

    Simone Murray
  • Platonic Relations The Problem of the Loop in Contemporary Electronic Music

    Greg Hainge
  • Rep-tiles with Woven Horns

    Cameron Browne