Vol. 5 No. 6 (2002): Love

Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Helen Yates
Published: 2002-11-01


  • Love is a stranger

    Felix Cheong
  • Melting Things (in remembrance of the infinite moments leading up to thanksgiving in japan, year 2000)

    Hillary Raphael
  • If I tell you I love you

    Jennifer Wilson
  • Giving and Loving Works Cited

    Jules Odendahl


  • “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” International Perspectives on the Cultural Construction of Love

    Donna Lee Brien, Helen Yeates


  • Love’s Coming (Out) Sexualising the Space of Desire

    Kerry Mallan, John Stephens


  • ‘Streaming Physical Love’ Zoot and Genant in Theory and Practice

    Katrien Jacobs (a.k.a. Libidot)
  • Lovesong Dedications Commercial Music Radio and the Sentimental Self

    Jackie Cook
  • Motherly Love Works Cited

    Vivienne Muller
  • I Love To Hate You/All You Need Is Hate Love as War in Modern Discourse and Contemporary Public Rhetoric

    C. Jason Lee
  • Zero to hero Global love in provincial Japan

    Donell Holloway, David Holloway
  • Sex what's love got to do with it?

    Lelia Green
  • Why Does Love Tear Us Apart? Love Songs and Psychoanalytic Narratives

    Edward D. Miller
  • An extract from "The Internet of Love" Works Cited

    Philip Neilsen
  • Loving Julie Andrews Works Cited

    Brett Farmer
  • Not Bent At All Bend It Like Beckham, Girls’ Sport and the Spectre of the Lesbian

    Mandy Treagus
  • Love in Toytown Works Cited

    Wendy Varney
  • The Eternal Triangle of Love, Audiences and Emo-TV Postmodern romance

    Maarten Reesink