Vol. 2 No. 6 (1999): Machine

Edited by Nick Caldwell and Sean Aylward Smith
Published: 1999-09-01


  • Machine

    Nick Caldwell, Sean Aylward Smith


  • Love Machines

    Anna Munster


  • Félix and Gilles's Tempestuous, Monstrous Machines

    Laurie Johnson
  • The Hard Question of Squishy Machines

    Frances Bonner
  • Minor Media - Heterogenic Machines Heterogenic Machines: Notes on Félix Guattari's Conceptions of Art and New Media

    Andreas Broeckmann
  • True Love Is a Trued Wheel Technopleasures in Mountain Biking

    Sophie Taysom
  • XX @ MM Cyborg Subjectivity as Millennial Fashion Statement

    Susan Luckman
  • Machinic Heterogenesis and Evolution Collected Notes on Sound, Machines and Sonicform

    Belinda Barnet
  • Machinic Musings with Mumford Fascinating Assemblages

    Zoé Sofoulis
  • The Machine as Mythology The Case of the Joyce-Loebl Microdensitometer

    Paul Benneworth
  • From Haptic Interfaces to Man-Machine Symbiosis Early Visions

    Sonja Kangas