Vol. 1 No. 1 (1998): New

Edited by P. David Marshall
Published: 1998-07-01


  • Introduction to M/C Welcome to the birth of M/C. Your arrival may or may not have been noted.

    P. David Marshall


  • Thinking through New

    P. David Marshall


  • Err, New Boundaries for Fiction?! ER's 'Live' Episode

    Felicity Meakins
  • Communicating Community Past and Present

    Paul McCormack
  • Cybercafé, Cybercommunity

    Joseph Crawfoot
  • Unacceptably New Cultural Factors in the 'Face on Mars' Controversy

    Adam Dodd
  • Digital Video Dud?

    Axel Bruns
  • Looking to a Digital Future Thoughts on the New ABC

    Nick Caldwell