Vol. 21 No. 5 (2018): nineties

Edited by Jay Daniel Thompson and Sally Breen
Published: 2018-12-06
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  • Live through This

    Sally Breen, Jay Daniel Thompson


  • Screen Circuits: Fear and Paranoia in the Sprawl (circa 1995)

    Mitch Goodwin


  • How Bizarre: The Glitch of the Nineties as a Fantasy of New Authorship

    Chris Campanioni
  • “Too Broad and Deep for the Small Screen”: Doctor Who's New Adventures in the 1990s

    Julian Novitz
  • Reality to Dream: Western Pop in Eastern Avant-Garde (Re-)Presentations of Socialism's End – the Case of Laibach

    Andrew Dawson
  • To Grunge or Not to Grunge on the Periphery? The Polish Grunge Scene of the 1990s and the Assimilation of Cultural Patterns

    Marek Jeziński, Łukasz Wojtkowski
  • When I Met Kathy Acker

    Justine Ettler
  • A Woman’s Place Is in the Morgue: Understanding Scully in the Context of 1990s Feminism

    Claire Elizabeth Knowles
  • Rebooting Roseanne: Feminist Voice across Decades

    Jessica Ford
  • The Simpsons Do the Nineties

    Renee Middlemost
  • The Grunge Effect: Music, Fashion, and the Media During the Rise of Grunge Culture In the Early 1990s

    Paul Edgerton Stafford
  • ‘Culture Is Inseparable from Race’: Culture Wars from Pat Buchanan to Milo Yiannopoulos

    Mark Davis