Vol. 20 No. 6 (2017): north

Edited by Richard Nile and Sandra Harding
Published: 2017-12-31
Cover imageImage: 'After Fire', by Richard Nile zoomView cover


  • North by North

    Sandra Harding, Richard Nile


  • What in the World Is North? Translating Cardinal Directions across Languages, Cultures and Environments

    Alice Gaby, Jonathon Lum, Thomas Poulton, Jonathan Schlossberg


  • What’s in a Term: Can Feminism Look beyond the Global North/Global South Geopolitical Paradigm?

    Devaleena Das
  • Bold Walks in the Inner North: Melbourne Women’s Memoir after Jill Meagher

    Amy Mead
  • New Nordic Mythologies

    Louise Moana Kolff
  • True Kvlt? The Cultural Capital of “Nordicness” in Extreme Metal

    Catherine Hoad, Samuel Whiting
  • ‘Southern’ Northern Soul: Changing Senses of Direction, Place, Space, Identity and Time

    Paul Dominic Mercieca
  • True North: Essential Identity and Cultural Camouflage in H.V. Morton’s In Search of England

    Kevin Foster
  • Artists and the Rite of Passage North to the Temperate Zone

    Ryan Daniel
  • Jazz Culture in the North: A Comparative Study of Regional Jazz Communities in Cairns and Mackay, North Queensland

    Peter McKenzie
  • Australia's Northern Safari

    Claire Brennan
  • Between North-South Civil War and East-West Manifest Destiny: Herman Melville’s “I and My Chimney” as Geo-Historical Allegory

    Patrick Leslie West
  • Without a True North: Tactical Approaches to Self-Published Fiction

    Ian Keith Rogers