Vol. 17 No. 3 (2014): persona

Edited by P. David Marshall, Christopher Moore, and Kim Barbour
Published: 2014-06-25
Cover imageImage: Persona, by Alison Bennett (Motion.Lab, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University) zoomView cover


  • Persona to Persona Studies

    Kim Barbour, P. David Marshall, Christopher Moore


  • Seriality and Persona

    P David Marshall


  • Darkly Dreaming (in) Authenticity: The Self/Persona Opposition in Dexter

    Glenn D'Cruz
  • Persons and Their Private Personas: Living with Yourself

    Talia Morag
  • Online Persona as Hybrid-Object: Tracing the Problems and Possibilities of Persona in the Short Film Noah

    Neil James Henderson
  • A Mirror without a Tain: Personae, Avatars, and Selves in a Multi-User Virtual Environment

    Lesley Procter
  • About a Bot: Hoax, Fake, Performance Art

    Taina Bucher
  • Digital Traces of the Persona through Ten Years of Facebook

    Brady Robards
  • What’s in a Nym? Gender, Race, Pseudonymity, and the Imagining of the Online Persona

    Ellen Moll
  • Home, About, Shop, Contact: Constructing an Authorial Persona via the Author Website

    Emma Maguire
  • From Activist to Entrepreneur: Peace One Day and the Changing Persona of the Social Campaigner

    Nathan Farrell
  • The Charismatic Persona of Colonel Qaddafi

    Sally Totman, Mat Hardy
  • How Vladimir Putin’s Divorce Story Was Constructed and Received, or When the President Divorced His Wife and Married the Country Instead

    Anastasia Denisova