Vol. 19 No. 3 (2016): place

Edited by Christina Ballico and Allan Watson
Published: 2016-06-22
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  • Place

    Christina Ballico, Allan Watson


  • Access, Place and Australian Live Music

    Samuel Whiting, David Carter


  • "All these places have their moments": Exploring the Micro-Geography of Music Scenes: The Indica Gallery and the Chelsea Hotel

    Robert C. Kloosterman, Amanda Brandellero
  • Place, Space, and Time in MC Solaar’s American Francophone

    Saesha Senger
  • Where Is Portland Made? The Complex Relationship between Social Media and Place in the Artisan Economy of Portland, Oregon (USA)

    Steve Marotta, Austin Cummings, Charles Heying
  • Topography and Frontier: Gibellina's City of Art

    Joshua Synenko
  • Developing the Rural Creative Economy ‘from Below’: Exploring Practices of Market-Building amongst Creative Entrepreneurs in Rural and Remote Scotland

    Ealasaid Munro
  • A Risky Business? The Role of Incentives and Runaway Production in Securing a Screen Industries Production Base in Scotland

    Katherine M Champion
  • Forest as Place in the Album "Canopy": Culturalising Nature or Naturalising Culture?

    Robin Ann Ryan
  • Navigating Movie (M)apps: Film Locations, Tourism and Digital Mapping Tools

    Alfio Leotta
  • Must Art Have a ‘Place’? Questioning the Power of the Digital Art-Scape

    Jason David Luger