Vol. 1 No. 5 (1998): Play

Edited by Paul McCormack
Published: 1998-12-01


  • Play

    Paul McCormack


  • In the Garden of Forking Paths Contingency, Interactivity and Play in Hypertext

    Belinda Barnet


  • Games R US - and Most of the Western World as Well The Hegemony of the Strategic Computer Game

    Nick Caldwell
  • Old Players, New Players The Main Event That Isn't

    Axel Bruns
  • How Do You Play?

    Rebecca Farley
  • At Our Convenience Working and Playing in the Convenience Store

    Kirsty Leishman
  • It's a Scream Playful Murder and the Ideology of Yuppie Horror

    Ben King
  • Racing Simulacra? A Personal Prehistory of Racing Sims

    Sherman Young
  • Controlling Gameplay

    John Banks