Vol. 2 No. 4 (1999): Pop

Edited by P. David Marshall and Axel Bruns
Published: 1999-06-01


  • Pop

    P. David Marshall, Axel Bruns


  • Picking through the Trash

    Martin Laba


  • Making It Unpopular The CIA and UFOs in Popular Culture

    Adam Dodd
  • Ya Bloody Cappie! i'm going shoppingbut i'm not telling you where!

    Sean Aylward Smith
  • Justify My Love Popular Culture and the Academy

    Diane Railton
  • Wayne's World The Making of a Hockey Movie

    David Riddell
  • Seen But Not Heard Pop Culture Scapegoats and the Media Discourse Hierarchy

    Nick Caldwell
  • Seeing Sound, Hearing Image "Remixing" Authenticity in Popular Music Studies

    Steve Jones
  • What's Pop, and What's Not? Measuring Popularity in the Many-to-Many Age

    Axel Bruns
  • A Red Light Sabre to Go, and Other Histories of the Present Tara Brabazon

    Tara Brabazon
  • Painting Out Pop "Andy Warhol" as a Character in 90s Films

    Julie Turnock